Route Optimisation Software in Scotland 

If you take a room full of transport managers and ask them to define optimisation, you’ll probably get various answers. From fuel efficiency,  loading factors, routing and scheduling, or telematics software, each will probably have their own definition

Route optimisation for Fleetmotion is about getting more from your vehicles for less. With our route optimisation software in Scotland, you can generate more revenue for less costs while also reducing environmental impact.

Our Definition: Optimisation Means Getting More for Less!

Greater productivity, more deliveries, more satisfied customers, and increased revenue and profit. Less cost, less mileage, less fuel, lower emissions, fewer drivers, fewer vehicles

To achieve the above, you will need the best route optimisation in Scotland. That’s exactly what Fleetmotion offers its clients: simple software that knows the shortest routes from the warehouse to the doorstep. 

How does it work?

How Does Our State-of-the-Art Software Work?

We are experts in the advanced algorithms behind real fleet optimisation. Our intuitive web-based system takes all your fleet parameters into account, including:

Vehicles, weight and payload

Ancillary equipment (tail-lifts/Moffats/cranes or specialist service kit)

All service or delivery stops or collections.

Driver-shift patterns

Customer delivery windows, appointments or service visits

After an analysis of various factors, our route optimisation software produces the most efficient allocation of loads to vehicles and creates the most efficient routing for your vehicles.

The sophisticated geo-coding behind the product is customizable to take into account clean air zones, relevant entry regulations, bridges, or restrictions.

Start optimising your vehicles right away, for less than £1.00 per vehicle. This means you can thoroughly test the solution's speed and simplicity (while saving money and miles!) with no commitment and zero risk. 

Route Optimisation Software

My Transport Planner is a revolutionary, PAYG, web-based transport planning tool designed specifically to deliver measurable efficiency savings in five vital area's:

A saving in planning time

A reduction in total mileage

An increase in productivity

A reduction in costs

A reduction in emissions

You can also optimise electric and hybrid vehicles, either individually or as part of a wider fleet – taking infrastructure and recharging times into account.

What can it do for me?

Multiple case studies have shown that fleet optimisation can produce productivity gains of up to 20%. This encompasses all types of commercial fleet activity including engineering and facilities management, utilities, final mile and courier fleets, waste collection, or hire and reward.

The savings can be realised in a number of ways including the ability to service more contracts due to the increased productivity or reducing vehicle numbers and saving the associated costs

Irrespective of the organisation type, it becomes more profitable and its impact on air pollution and the emissions per customer job should decrease.

The Best Route Optimisation Software in Scotland

We know that although most transport planners are extremely talented and experienced, algorithms remove both the subjective and the ‘common sense’ solutions which sometimes inadvertently make fleet journeys less efficient.

For instance, if 80 deliveries are within a common zone and 10 are to outlying zones, a transport planner may allocate four vehicles to the common zone deliveries and one to the outliers. However, the algorithm could potentially divide the outlying deliveries amongst the original four vehicles, achieving the same overall mileage thus eliminating the requirement for a fifth vehicle.

Human experience and intuition are invaluable attributes however the software can often produce a counter-intuitive but more efficient solution produced by crunching the numbers significantly quicker than any individual.

Why Choose Us?

Award Winning Technology

Winners is innovation and cost reduction, recognized by Greenfleet and the Great British Fleet Awards

Experts In Our Field

Vastly experienced team with extensive fleet backgrounds, electric vehicle and infrastructure expertise.

Validated Savings & Efficiencies

Our algorithms can help drive down your costs and emissions while increasing your productivity by up to 20%.

Self-Funding Proposition

Our technology can very quickly become self-funding, producing savings much greater than your investment

Unique PAYG Options

No commitment PAYG, no sales calls, no implementation and immediate savings

Trusted by Big Brands

Over 300 partners across a variety of industries and business sectors

Key Benefits

Quicker Planning
Import your jobs, allocate and optimise in minutes. You can also drag n droptimise™ directly from the map, making specific changes and create ETA's for your clients.
Higher Productivity
Spend less time planning and more time increasing vehicle productivity and utilisation. Our quick allocation process makes this simple.
Lower Mileage
Reduce your total fleet mileage by up to 20% compared to manually planning your routes. Our powerful algorithms calculate the most efficient routes and schedules for you.
Lower Costs
Cut your transport costs by up to 30% through lower fleet mileage, reduced planning time, improved safety, and higher vehicle utilisation. Minimise overtime and sub-contractor usage.
Fewer emissions
Travelling fewer miles will naturally help lower your emissions. Furthermore, My Transport Planner can also optimise your electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as e-cargo bikes.
Instant ROI
You pay 99p per vehicle route, per day – and My Transport Planner can save you much more than that, guaranteeing an instant return on investment.
Discover more
Discover more

Use Cases

My Transport Planner is a perfect fit for commercial vehicles visiting multiple locations during their shift pattern.

Our solution can deliver significant, quantifiable savings for companies operating in sectors such as logistics, courier, road haulage and final-mile delivery. It can also substantially reduce costs and carbon emissions for companies with service engineers and field sales or marketing teams.

Our algorithms can optimise any business with vehicles or people on the move.


There are two options : My Transport Planner and My Transport Planner Pro.

My Transport Planner is our PAYG version, utilising the platform on a credit purchase basis. You can use our template to import jobs and resources, then you are ready to drag ‘n’ droptimise™.

My Transport Planner Pro has more advanced functionality and is integrated using our API. The ideal option if your preference is to consolidate our algorithm within your current systems.
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My Transport Planner’s pricing couldn't be more straightforward. Simply purchase credits using a credit or debit card – and pay just 99p per credit for each vehicle route per day. Each credit entitles you to optimise each vehicle on an unlimited basis before saving your routes and allocating to your drivers.

There’s no minimum contract duration, minimum vehicle numbers or limit on optimisation; simply use it when you need it!

If you have a large fleet, you can also take advantage of our volume discounts or secure a fixed term agreement to benefit from even cheaper pricing.

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