What Are The Types of Vehicle GPS Trackers?

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This blog will tell you about the different types of vehicle GPS trackers. Vehicle tracking initially became famous through spy movies and mystery thrillers. However, in modern times, you will find vehicle GPS trackers being used for mundane things.

Businesses reliant on fleets use them to track different vehicles, or maybe a parent may be sneaky enough to plug one under your car. The point here is that vehicle GPS trackers have become very common. They are a small investment that can save you a lot of money.

In this blog, we will delve deep into the technology of vehicle GPS trackers. We will also provide our readers with the five types of vehicle GPS trackers. Let’s begin!

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What is a Vehicle GPS Tracker?

Before going into the types of vehicle GPS trackers, let’s see what they are.

Vehicle GPS trackers are small devices that use Global Positioning System technology. They are widely used to locate and track vehicles in real time.

In other words, you can use these devices to see where a vehicle is. But that’s not all these trackers do.

Vehicle GPS trackers can also have additional sensors. You can get an overview of the speed and direction of the vehicle. In addition, you can also track driver behaviour and fuel level.

Although it may sound like that is too much for the movies, it is true. And that’s why businesses that rely on large fleets use these devices to optimise their operations.

Now you can do it too, but which is the right vehicle GPS tracker for your business? Let’s find out.

The 5 Types of Vehicle GPS Trackers

Now that we know what a vehicle GPS tracker is, let’s move ahead.

In this section, we will tell our readers about the five types of vehicle GPS trackers. Depending on the size of your business and the industry, you might require different services.

Below are the five different types of vehicle GPS trackers to help you find the best option for your business:

1. Plug-and-Play

The first type is plug-and-play trackers.

As the name suggests, plug-and-play trackers are convenient. They are small devices that can be plugged into the OBD-II port in your car. Due to their easy installation procedure, they are preferred by businesses and individuals alike.

After the tracker is plugged in, it will use the car battery to activate. Then it transmits data over cellular networks, providing critical information.

You can monitor your fleet and how it is performing with these devices in real-time. These devices are more popular because they are cost-effective and take minutes to set up.

2. Hardwired

Then there are hardwired vehicle GPS trackers. Unlike the first type, they will require more time to install. They are usually installed by professionals; however, they are more secure and durable.

These trackers are connected to the vehicle’s electrical system, therefore providing more features. What makes them so effective is that they are secure, and no one can easily tamper with them.

If you choose the hardwired option, you can access the remote engine mobilisation option, harsh breaking alerts, and fuel monitoring. As they are connected to the electrical system, they also use the vehicle's battery to be powered.

3. Battery-Powered

Battery-powered GPS trackers are the ones that you usually see in movies.

They are small and can be easily attached to any part of the car using a magnet. You don’t need to hire a professional or plug them into the car. 

Instead, just turn them on and stick them to metal. They have their own batteries, so they are perfect for short-term use.

4. Cellular

Cellular GPS trackers are the fourth type.

These devices use cellular networks to transmit location and other data. You can use these devices to get a variety of information about the vehicle.

This includes location, speed, direction, etc. The best part is that all of this information is displayed on a unified central monitoring platform.

5. Satellite 

The final type that we will discuss is the satellite GPS tracker.

These vehicle trackers are best for places that are remote. They do not use cellular networks to transmit data. 

On the contrary, they use satellite networks, making them perfect for remote places with no cellular networks.

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The Bottom Line!

So, now our readers should know about the different types of vehicle GPS trackers.

But, to summarise, there are five types. These include plug-and-play, hardwired, battery-powered, cellular, and satellite.

Each type is unique and serves a different purpose. Therefore, it is important to know what your business requires.

In addition, you must also keep your budget in mind when making the final decision.

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